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How to Install Your PlugDock

  • Make sure the temperature is above 50o F (10o C).
  • Find a smooth, flat, clean surface where you will see your PlugDock when launching your boat (such as your dashboard, rear transom, near the throttle, or on the front of your trailer).
  • Peel the backing and press your PlugDock firmly into place for about 20 seconds.
  • Mount so “PLUGDOCK.COM” on the base can be read in an upright position after installed.
  • PlugDock should be installed above the water line if it is affixed to the outside of a boat.

How To Use Your PlugDock

  • After you take your boat out of the water, remove your drain plug to drain your bilge water.
  • Remove your safety lanyard (or kill-switch tether or whatever else you might call it) from your throttle to disable your engine.
  • Place a midsection of your removed safety lanyard in the slots provided on your PlugDock.
  • Insert your removed drain plug into your PlugDock on top of your safety lanyard (warning: use reasonable care during this step to avoid damaging your safety lanyard).
  • Leave your drain plug and your safety lanyard securely in your PlugDock until you are ready to launch your boat again.
  • At the boat launch, remove your drain plug from your PlugDock and put it back into the drain hole (so your boat doesn’t sink!).
  • Put your safety lanyard back on your throttle (so your engine will start).

How To Remove Your PlugDock

  • A few words of caution: the adhesive on your PlugDock is REALLY GOOD STUFF, so removal is not meant to be easy.
  • But if you do need to remove your PlugDock . . . try using about a foot-long piece of strong string (such as dental floss or fishing line).
  • Slip a middle section of the string behind the base of the PlugDock.
  • Hold both ends and “see-saw” the string back and forth through the adhesive.
  • If you succeed in removing your PlugDock, you should be able to rub off any remaining adhesive residue.